'Café Derby' will open the Ostend Film Festival

24 april 2015

On Friday September 11, the ninth edition of the Film Festival of Ostend will open with Café Derby. The theatrical release by KFD follows a few days later, on 16 September.

The Ostend Film Festival has been following the career of filmmaker Lenny Van Wesemael for quite some time. Lenny was one of the young talents in 2013 and festival director Peter Craeymeersch brought Lenny in contact with actress Monic Hendrickx: "The choice was obvious," said Craeymeersch, "The festival is extremely charmed by Lenny's film, it's a warm and touching story. Given the previous support and sympathy for Lenny Van Wesemael's work, it is a logical choice and the perfect opener for our festival." Ostend Film Festival

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